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Since I have to work a lot with databases, my first expression of using System.Data Namespace was: "Hm it could be better!". Sure the namespace covering lot of things, even more than we need. So my intention is to combine almost all database source providers into one single library.
I hope, some day this library will do more than read/write data from/into the database.

  • Provide the database connection information for SQLite/SqlCe/MSSQL/MySQL/Oracle/OleDb
  • Database Query Execution over NonQuery/Scalar/DataReader
  • Integrated Parameter Administration over the DbInterface class. You can still use parameter for each sql engine, but you can easily add new parameters over SetSqlParameter
  • Easy to remove individual Sql components.
  • x86 CPU Architecture (some driver do not support MSIL)
  • Modular removal each database driver is possible without big changes

Not Tested
  • MySql
  • Oracle
  • OleDb (only MS SQL 2008 test)
Would be greate if someone could make some tests.

Future Features
  • Providing more Connection Information for other Databases.
  • base on feedback, providing new functionality for database interaction (right now, the library supports only basic features).
  • .NET 3.5 implementation for CLR and other application that do not support .NET 4

Code Samples

The Test cases should contain all code samples that might be needed. Please be ensure to set your own credential for successful connection to database of your wishes.

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